Strip Back, Repair & Re Plaster


Your property being in a flood is an extremely stressful situation to be in as flood water can cause lots of damage and future issues in a property. If you have been affected by flooding whether it be from a river or a burst pipe in your house, we can come around for a free assessment of the property and we can offer a strategy of repair and restoration to get your property back to normal.

At Damp Tech Limited we can treat effected areas to ensure any mould or bacteria doesn’t become a future problem and that the property won’t suffer any issues with Damp. Once the team are happy the flood water will no longer cause any issues, then the team can also leave the walls with a plastered finish which not all damp specialists will do leaving you to source a plasterer.

If you find yourself in a situation were your property is flooded, then give us a call and arrange a visit. If your property is insured, then you can still speak to us. When many properties in the same area have been affected, insurance companies can often take a long time to do the jobs using the work force they have. You can speed this up by speaking to us, and then requesting to the insurance company who you want to carry out the repairs.

If you are int his situation, then give is a call on 01768 868783


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01768 868783

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