We get lots of enquiries over winter about black mold and how to get rid of it, so I've done a little mold "Hinching" at home today to share the results. 
The product I use (pictured), and thoroughly recommend is from Home Bargains and is about £2.50! Spray it, leave it (it says 30 mins but I recommend at least 1 hour) then wipe! Literally is as simple as that! 
The pictures below are of the windowsill in my office which has had boxes on since before xmas and so the condensation and mold had built up quite a bit in the seal. Quick spray of this, leave it 🕛wipe and boom💥...its gone! Cheap, quick and easy! Also really effective in bathrooms and can be used externally!

***Note, Large scale mold problems are usually caused by a bigger issue within the home, usually ventilation and should be investigated thoroughly, please feel free to call or send pictures for further advise***